Paul Ince blasts Manchester United for offering Paul Pogba a £400,000-a-week contract

Former Manchester United star Paul Ince has slammed Manchester United for offering Paul Pogba a £400,000-a-week contract to extend his stay at the club.

Pogba’s current deal at Old Trafford is due to expire next summer and the 28-year-old is allowed to begin negotiations with foreign teams from January ahead of a possible free transfer.

“That’s a sign of desperation from Manchester United in offering that contract,” Ince told The United Stand.

“Obviously, they’re trying to persuade him to sign this deal. It’s a lot of money for someone who has been in and out of the side.

“He was on the bench two weeks ago against Everton and then all of a sudden you’re saying: ‘Here’s £400k-a-week!’

“Ultimately, if you’re paying that type of money for a player, he has to play every game and we’re not saying Paul Pogba play every game.

“Where is his ideal position? Where does Ole see him playing week in, week out? We know where Bruno Fernandes plays, that’s easy enough. But where does Paul Pogba play?

“Does he play in holding midfield like he did against Wolves? Is he going to play him on the left-hand side? Is he going to put him on the bench? There’s too much confusion with where Pogba’s best position is.

“He was more advanced at the start of the season and his assists record has been fantastic this season. He was unbelievable against Southampton.

“But I’m looking at this and thinking, ‘What makes you offer Paul Pogba £400k-a-week at this precise moment?’. He’s not pulling up trees and his performances have been on and off.”

“The reason United are having to pay this is because two years ago, when Pogba was getting down to his last two years, they should have tied him down with a three or four-year contract,” he added.

“And it wouldn’t have been £400k-a-week, it would have been £250k-a-week. I can’t believe I’m talking about these figures in wages!

“Now, because they’ve let his contract run down to his last four or five months, he can start talking to clubs in January. And they’re having to offer him £400k-a-week to persuade him to stay.

“I don’t think he’d sign a contract if they offered him £500k-a-week or £600k-a-week. If he leaves at the end of season, he’s still going to get that type of money and maybe more as he will be a free agent.”

“United are panicking now because they are thinking they could lose this player for nothing and it’s their own bloody fault!

“The people behind Ole haven’t done their jobs right and made him sign a contract two years ago.

“We’ve not seen enough of Pogba in the last two years to warrant that.

“We’ve seen Paul Pogba play for France and he looks like he’s happier when he plays for France.”

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