Jesse Lingard reveals the only thing he didn’t like about Jose Mourinho – “It’s not my fault”

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Manchester United midfielder Jesse Lingard has opened up on his relationship with former Manchester United boss Jose Mourinho, crediting the Portuguese with making him a ‘winner.’

However, Lingard also revealed when it came to injuries, Mourinho wasn’t interested in hearing excuses.

“Mourinho was the Manchester United manager back then and.. well, he didn’t really like his players being injured,” Lingard he told The Players’ Tribune. “He didn’t want to know about it.

“And I’m like, ‘it’s not my fault, is it, Boss?’

“Me and Jose had a good relationship generally, though, I have to say.

“He was good to me. Before all the injury stuff, he trusted me, put me in for important games.

“We won trophies and he made me a winner. He could just bring out that side in you.”

“He also liked to have a personal connection with his players. Sometimes I’d look at my phone and I’d be getting a random FaceTime from him. Just out of nowhere — just to check in,” Lingard added.

“I used to find it so strange at first. He’d call and be like, ‘Hey Jesse, what are you doing?’ And I’d be like, ‘Erm, just chilling, watching TV … (awkward silence) … what are you doing?’ Hahaha!

“I found it funny. And, to be fair, it showed how much he cared about us.

“But in terms of injuries, yeah, it was tough, because he didn’t want to hear it.”

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