Disturbing Bruno Fernandes report emerges

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A report about Manchester United midfielder Bruno Fernandes has emerged, and it only shows how the Portuguese has been overworked at the club.

Since signing up for the club in January 2020, Bruno Fernandes has been a key player for the team and he hardly ever misses a game.

A recent report published by FIFPro has shown just how much Bruno Fernandes has overworked at the club.

The report by FIFPro aims to highlight the immense physical pressure on players.

Highlighting Bruno Fernandes use at Manchester United, the study stated: “There were several months in Bruno Fernandes’ calendar that had both a high match volume and a very high critical zone minutes percentage.

“In fact, between November 2020 and April 2021, his share of minutes in the critical zone did not once drop below 68 per cent and was close to 100 per cent on multiple occasions.

“This was a very intense stretch of sustained high workload.”

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