Manchester United fans can’t stop talking about what Bruno Fernandes did to Pogba’s mum

Photo: Phil Noble/Reuters

Manchester United midfielder Bruno Fernandes shares a very good relationship with Paul Pogba on the field of play, and their relationship outside the pitch also seems to be good.

After the 4-1 win over Newcastle, Bruno Fernandes met up with Paul Pogba’s mother outside Old Trafford and he gave his teammate’s mother a handshake and a hug.

It was a delight to see, and fans were pleased with the bromance going on between the two.

United fans reacted to the love shown between Pogba’s mum and Bruno Fernandes on Reddit.

Gytarius626: “Harry meeting Molly Weasley vibes.”

Mysteriousnail5414: “Bruno is on a one man mission to resign Pogba I swear to god.”

Nahweed: “That hugging your friends thing is such a mum thing.”

SystemCF: “Brogba is real, even the family loves the bromance.”

With talks of Pogba leaving Manchester United no longer in the media, the France international seems to be enjoying his football, and fans seem too pleased with him as well.

After the game against Newcastle, Pogba linked up with Burna Boy for the the long awaited summer party at Parklife.

United fans took to social media to hail their midfield hero.
“Pogba just vibing at Parklife man,” said one with laughing-face emojis.

“No way Pogba is at Parklife loool,” laughed another.

Another fan said: “Pogba just dropped a masterclass against Newcastle and then just rocks up to Heaton Park for Parklife, I love this bloke.”

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