Leader and legend! Ronaldo’s famous speech to Manchester United players

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Cristiano Ronaldo is having a desired effect on the Manchester United team, and his impact isn’t only being felt on the pitch but also in the dressing room.

United boss Ole Gunnar Solskjaer had revealed that Ronaldo gave the team a speech before the game against Newcastle, and it had an effect on the team in general.

The Sun has now revealed the inspirational speech from the Manchester United legend.

“Ronaldo’s speech was very powerful and uplifting. The whole group of players and coaching staff listened in silence,” a source told the newspaper.

“He told his team-mates: ‘I have returned to Man United for two reasons.

“The first is because I love the club. The second is I love the winning mentality that breeds through the ranks of this club.

“I have not come back to be a cheerleader. If you guys want to succeed, then I need you to love this club from the bottom of your hearts.

“You need to eat, sleep and fight for this club. Whether you play or do not play, you need to support your teammates and always give 100 per cent for the club.

“I am here to win and nothing else. Winning brings us happiness. I want to be happy, do you?’

“You are all amazing players and I believe in you, or else I would have not returned.

“The fans will support you, if you give your best. I just want to create a winning mentality, so when I do retire one day, the winning mentality will remain, and this group of players will dominate football, like we did in the past.

“I will do my best for the team but I need your support too. Are you ready to fight? Are you ready to leave everything on the pitch?”

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