36 years young Ronaldo produces frightening speed to score against Newcastle

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Many doubted Cristiano Ronaldo’s move to Manchester United, mostly due to his age.

It’s hard to play at the top level in the Premier League at 36, and Ronaldo is set to turn 37 in February.

Not many outside Manchester United gave Ronaldo a chance, but the Portugal captain silenced critics with a brace against Newcastle.

The first was about positioning, reaction and instinct, but the second goal showed how fit the 36 years old legend is.

Cristiano Ronaldo clocked a speed of 32.5kmph, just over 20mph, as he sprinted through to score his second goal of the game on Saturday.

The fastest sprint of the 2020/21 campaign was done by Southampton’s Adam Armstrong as he recorded 22.15mph in an acceleration last season.

Even though he may not be as fast as he was some years ago, CR7 is still a pacey forward and produced a similar sprint over the summer at Euro 2020 when he ran the length of the pitch in 14.2 seconds, with a similar speed to what he did against Newcastle.

Ronaldo has proven to be an all round intelligent player, as his game isn’t only about speed anymore.

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