Former Manchester United star vows he’d forever love the club

Photo: Getty images

Former Manchester United star Javier Hernandez popularly known as Chicarito spent four years as a Manchester United player, and the 33-year-old has admitted that he loved everything about his stay at Old Trafford.

Speaking in an interview with Utd Podcast, Chicarito appreciated his time at the club and revealed that he would always be a Manchester United fan.

He said: “Manchester United is always going to be my team. I’m very grateful for Real Madrid, Sevilla, Bayer Leverkusen, West Ham, all of them.

“I love them [my former teams], I still love them and I’m going to be grateful forever but honestly, I feel it that you’re once a Red, always a Red.

“What I experienced, what I lived, I can say that I was the only Mexican under Sir Alex Ferguson, I scored the last goal under him, I am the only Mexican who has won [the Premier League] so far.

“I hope more Mexican players can be in a United shirt, I will love it. But I am the only Mexican who has won the Premier League and then twice and it was the 19[th] and 20[th titles].

“They then helped me to live another opportunity like play for Real Madrid and then go to Germany. Everything was because of those four years in my career.”

Chicarito also revealed his surprise as he received a standing ovation from around 75,000 at Old Trafford during his time as a West Ham player.

“It was a bittersweet moment. It was like ‘man, it’s an ovation but I’m still in the opposition, I could have been in the field with the red shirt’.

“Even though I was with one of the very traditional and greatest teams like West Ham – I was very lucky to play with them as well, it was amazing, I was grateful – it was like ‘yeah, I missed this kind of ovation I’ve had in the past’.”