Berbatov reveals his only regret about Ronaldo joining Manchester United

Manchester United hero Dimitar Berbatov has revealed his only regret about Cristiano Ronaldo re-joining Manchester United during the summer transfer window.

“This is my only regret of this [Ronaldo] situation, maybe Anthony is a bit left out and maybe he is going to be the casualty of all this,” Berbatov told the Manchester Evening News.

“But we don’t know yet. We can speculate as long as we can but maybe he will surprise everybody with even harder performances on the pitch.

“Because Ronaldo is in the team automatically, everybody else – especially the young players – will want to raise their game and bar, performing on the training pitch and in the games. In the case of Anthony, if he doesn’t get playing time as much as he wants then I will see him leave the club at some point, to be honest.

“He’s a private guy, just like myself, I don’t think many people understand he is actually a good boy, he wants to do good, he trains well.

“My advice is maybe to be a bit more open, a bit nastier, but not nasty like hitting people around like a defender, but more, ‘I want to be first-choice. I want to prove how good I am.’ A bit more of that nastiness to show the manager that ‘I am here, I want to stay and fight for my place’. If that doesn’t happen, the quality in him is there to go to another place and look for his luck there.

“I have my soft spot for Anthony because I played with him, he has great qualities. But if it doesn’t work and he’s not playing, he should go somewhere else.”

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