Ronaldo finally settles GOAT rivalry with Lionel Messi. Read what he has to say

Manchester United hero Cristiano Ronaldo has sealed a world famous return to Manchester United, and it’s one of the biggest returns the football world has ever seen, in what has been tagged a record breaking move regarding shirt sales.

But it wasn’t just Ronaldo who made a massive move. His big time rival Lionel Messi also sealed a sensational move to leave boyhood club Barcelona in favour of Paris Saint-Germain.

There has always been a silent (or rather open) rivalry between the pair, but as they approach the end of their respective careers, the rivalry is now turning into respect.

Both are regarded as the greatest of all time depending on who’s analysing, and Ronaldo has given his own take.

Top reporter Piers Morgan who shares a friendship with Ronaldo has now revealed what the Manchester United man thinks about his rival.

Morgan wrote in the Mail on Sunday: “‘Who’s the greatest footballer you’ve ever played against?’ I asked Cristiano Ronaldo.

“It was 1am on the candlelit terrace of his favourite restaurant in Turin, Italy, where he was still playing for Juventus before his recent sensational decision to rejoin Manchester United.

“It was time for the big question. ‘Messi,’ he replied, immediately and emphatically.

“‘Really?’ I said, surprised that he would name his biggest rival.

“‘For sure. He is the best I’ve played against.’

“Then he grinned. ‘But Piers, you are asking me the wrong question’.

‘OK. What’s the right question?’ ‘You should just ask me who is the greatest player…’

“‘I think I know the answer,’ I replied,

“Ronaldo winked and we clinked glasses. He believes he’s the best to ever play the game. And I agree with him.”

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