Ronaldo’s close pal explains why Ronaldo had to leave Juventus. Juve fans won’t like this

Photo: Getty Images

Cristiano Ronaldo spent three seasons in Italy, with Italian giants Juventus and he won two Serie A titles.

After three years in the Serie A, Ronaldo sealed a stunning return back to Old Trafford, with reports claiming that he was close to signing for Manchester City before United hijacked the deal.

Ronaldo’s close friend Khabib Nurmagomedov had revealed in a previous interview last week that Ronaldo had told him a month ago he’d return to Manchester United.

However, in a separate interview with RT Sport MMA this week, Khabib has revealed that Ronaldo actually got bored in Italy.

“I wouldn’t like to reveal our private chat. Well, he told me that he was bored in Italy and that he would like to move to England,” the Russian said.

“For real, when I watch Italian football… I am not a big fan of it. English football, on the contrary and I would never switch it off.

“No matter which team is playing, it’s always a spectacle.”

Juventus legends and fans are reportedly unhappy with the manner Ronaldo left the club.