‘He’s an ultimate showman’ — former Manchester United striker gives his verdict on Ronaldo

Photo: Stephen McCarthy/Sportsfile via Getty Images

Manchester United legend Mark Hughes knows what it means to make a return to the club you love, having done same during his playing career.

Hughes left Manchester United back in ’86, as he favoured a move to Barcelona. After a short spell in Barcelona and Bayern Munich, Hughes made a return to his boyhood club in ’89 and stayed with United for the bulk of his career, before leaving Old Trafford in ’95.

The United legend has now given his verdict on Cristiano Ronaldo’s return and believes it’s a good move for player and club.

“It’s just meant to be for him – he is the ultimate showman who can always deliver,” Hughes told The Mirror. “It’s fantastic for Manchester United and it’s good for him.

“It makes sense him going back. It’s the right time and the right opportunity and there’s no reason why he can’t make a success of this. Certainly, when I went back I had the opportunity to stay in Germany with a great club, Bayern Munich.

“I was having a great time and it was only the fact that it was Manchester United because to anybody else trying to get me back I would have said, ‘No’.

“It’s the pull of the club. I had been there since I was a kid. I had an emotional pull and attachment so when I knew they wanted me back it was an easy decision for me as an individual and for my family as well.

“I’m sure Cristiano has had similar feelings and has gone through similar emotions. People comment on the size of fees and the money involved but that’s not an issue for Cristiano because he is a very wealthy man.”