How an old Premier League rule squashed hopes of a CR7

The brand Cristiano Ronaldo has long been associated with CR7 for many years, and that may eventually change this season.

The Portugal international has sealed a sensational return to Old Trafford after 12 years of absence, but he may have to opt for another jersey number this season.

Reports had claimed that Edinson Cavani had offered Ronaldo the jersey number 7, but a Premier League ruled kicked that aside as the Uruguayan had already been registered for the season with that number.

The rulebook states that players must wear the same shirt for the whole season, and Cavani had already been registered to wear the No.7 shirt before the deal for Ronaldo was struck.

Cavani made his first appearance of the season in the No. 7 jersey against Wolves over the weekend.

Regarding squad numbers, Premier League rule M.4 states: “While he remains with the club a player will retain his shirt number throughout the season for which it was allocated.”

Meanwhile, Ronaldo can still wear the No. 7 jersey in the Champions League, and there are slight hopes Manchester United could get a favour if the club appeals the decision.

We’d be keen on seeing how this pans out at the end.

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  1. Manchester United my club for life but
    please try to buy a good defensive player in January.

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