If it was Pogba, the English pundits would have gone ballistic — former England star slams treatment of Pogba

Tottenham striker Harry Kane is yet to team up with the Tottenham squad, and missed the opening game of the season.

Kane is keen on leaving Spurs this summer to Manchester City and is ready to fight for a move through.

However, despite the acts of the England skipper, he hasn’t really been criticised by pundits, yet he has gotten the sympathy of the BT pundits such as Roy Keane and Gary Neville.

Former Aston Villa captain Gabriel Agbonlahor has now revealed that Kane should get as much criticism, saying that if it was Pogba doing same the pundits would have rained hell on him.

Speaking on talkSPORT radio, Gabriel Agbonlahor said: “If Paul Pogba was in the Caribbean on holiday, Roy Keane and Gary Neville would be on a plane, looking around the hotel rooms to bring him back.

“Because it’s Harry Kane, national hero, Mr. England, he gets away with it a lot more. There have been no former players of Tottenham coming out and saying he’s in the wrong.

“All you hear is ‘he deserves to win trophies’. Why not win trophies with the boyhood club who gave you a chance in the academy, gave you your debut and gave you that lucrative contract?”