Cavani pleased with his new chant from Manchester United fans

Photo: Getty images

Bruno Fernandes has recently said that he prefers the chant for teammate Anthony Martial more than the one fans coined for him, but wait till he hears the chant for Edinson Cavani.

Cavani scored 17 goals last season, including 10 in the Premier League, and he has already won the hearts of the Manchester United faithful.

Manchester United fans have come up with a new chant for the Uruguayan superstar, and it’s just adorable.

The song, based on ‘So High’ by German band XTN, goes: ‘I am in love, I can’t deny; Our number seven is the king of Uruguay. El Matador, who could that be?; His first name’s Edinson, his second’s Cavani…’

The Manchester United’s No.7 took to social media to appreciate fans for the new chant. He posted a video of the chant and captioned it ‘thanks for the affection’.

United fans will be hoping that Cavani picks up from where he stopped last season.