Jurgen Klopp told to go to court after accusing Manchester United of overspending

Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp recently hit out at Manchester United, Manchester City and Chelsea for their spending in the transfer market.

Klopp tended to accuse the three clubs of cheating and hinted that they didn’t obey the Financial Fair Play rules.

Liverpool only spent £36m on Ibrahima Konate, while United, City and Chelsea invested heavily.

Speaking to the media recently, City manager Pep Guardiola hit out at Klopp and told him to take the club to court if he wishes.

“Some owners want to benefit, our owners don’t want any benefits. So they don’t invest in the team, while we invest what we can,” Guardiola said.

“Before there were only one or two clubs. Now there is Chelsea with [Roman] Abramovich and our club with Sheikh Mansour. They want to be buying into football. What is the problem? We have limits for Financial Fair Play and if they don’t agree [with City’s spending] they can go to court and make a statement.

“We bought Jack Grealish because we sold [players] for £60m so, in the end, we have spent £40m. We follow absolutely the rules. At our club, the owners don’t want to lose money of course but they want to spend, so we can do it.

“Years ago, when Manchester United won a lot of titles, it was because they spent more money than other clubs. Do you remember that? At that moment Man City couldn’t do it because we did not have the owners we have now.”