Sancho reveals how Messi’s move has helped him ahead of the season

Different people have reacted differently to Lionel Messi’s move to Paris Saint-Germain.

The 34-year-old Barcelona legend recently made a shock move to PSG, where he will team up with the likes of Kylian Mbappe and Neymar.

According to Manchester United summer signing Jadon Sancho, Messi’s move to PSG has further motivated him to up his game.

Asked what he made of Messi’s move to PSG, Sancho told BT Sport: “I think I use that as motivation. PSG are a great side, they’ve got great players like Mbappe, Neymar and now Messi.

“As a young player I’m looking at that like, “Woah”. That means I’ve got to step up my game and try to show the world that, although I’m not at that level yet, I can get to that level.

“And especially it’s good competition and every young player should thrive for big games like that. So if we ever did face them in the Champions League I will be buzzing, I’ll be ready to go. But yeah, they’ve got a great side, definitely.”

Sancho also revealed that he has brought a winning mentality to the squad, and that he also sees it in Bruno Fernandes.

Asked if he brings a winning mentality to training himself, Sancho continued: “Yeah definitely. I can see that in a few of the players, like Bruno. Today we were on the same team and we just linked up very well.

“Me and him love winning, so I’m glad me and Bruno have the same mindset because it’s needed, especially in a big team like this. If you want to win things, you have to learn how to win in training and matches, so it’s important.”