Bruno Fernandes admits Martial’s chant is more loveable than his

Photo: Bradley Ormesher/NMC Pool

Manchester United midfielder Bruno Fernandes seems to have a pleasant spirit in the Manchester United camp, and it’s no surprise that he won the respect of his teammates shortly after signing for the club.

The Portugal international has surprised us again by admitting that he prefers the chant of his teammate Anthony Martial to his own.

When asked about which fan chant is his favourite at Man United, Bruno Fernandes responded: “I like mine but I really like the one for Anthony Martial!

“It’s probably my favourite. I really like mine and it should be my favourite [laughs], but the one for Anthony is really good.

“Our fans make the song really nice. If I had to choose then I have to say my song is better than Anthony’s, but I like his too!”

Martial’s chant goes like this:

“Tony Martial came from France.
“English press said he had no chance.
“50 million down the drain.
“As Tony Martial scores again!”

Bruno Fernandes chant goes like this:

“Bruno, Bruno, Bruno,
“He’s from Sporting like Cristiano,
“He goes left,
“He goes right,
“He makes the defences look shi*e,
“He’s our Portuguese magnifico….”