Bruno Fernandes reveals why he’s happy with the new Manchester United signings

Photograph: Peter Powell/Reuters

Manchester United midfielder Bruno Fernandes has revealed that he’s happy with the signings of Jadon Sancho and Raphael Varane.

Fans always look forward to seeing new signings join the club, and Bruno Fernandes has admitted that players also get excited when new players join the squad.

Sancho and Varane join the side with lots of quality, and Bruno Fernandes has admitted that he’s delighted with the addition of quality players to the squad.

Asked whether players get as excited as supporters by new signings, Fernandes replied: “Of course – when you see the names that are coming and what they have done in the last few seasons.

“We are really happy with everyone that is coming in and of course to keep the lads who have been here the last few seasons is important because you have to grow up and at the same time you have to keep the same players to know we are doing better and better.

“With this team, we know we can do better, but adding some players to the team helps the team be better.”