Manchester United legend Gary Neville gives verdict on Harry Kane

Manchester United target Harry Kane has so far struggled in the European Championship, and he’s yet to score a single goal at the Euros.

After a massive 28-goal season last term, hopes were lifted that he’d be the star of the Three Lions team but it hasn’t happened so far.

Talks of Kane’s future has been in the media since the end of last season, and there has been claims that Kane is being affected by the transfer rumours, which he has rejected.

Manchester United legend Gary Neville has claimed that Kane was ‘absolutely not’ affected by recent form after watching the England captain in action during the 1-0 win against the Czech Republic.

Neville told ITV Sport: “We said before the game, would he be affected by the last couple of games,”

“He’s absolutely not. He’s methodical. That’s what he does. Touch and hit. And the goals will come.”