Message sent to angry Daniel James

Manchester United winger Daniel James is a top player for the Welsh national team, and started their game against Switzerland in the Euro 2020 group A clash.

James was a threat for Wales against Switzerland, as his pace on the counter was a constant threat, but he was surprised to have been subbed off by caretaker manager Rob Page in the 74th minute.

A bemused James could be heard yelling ‘me?!’ at his manager before sluggishly making his way off the pitch.

Page admitted after the game that James was indeed unhappy to have been taken off the game.

“No he didn’t [look happy to be taken off] and it’s for the good of the team,” Page told BBC Sport shortly after the final whistle.

“There’s three games in quick succession and he looked dead on his feet and that’s because of the work he put in up to that moment.

“When you know you’ve got somebody with the quality of David Brooks to come on – we played him on the left to get crosses in coming down the outside for Kieffer to attack – then it’s another option that we’ve got.

“DJ was disappointed coming off but he’s great in the dressing room now and it’s all about the squad.”

Surprisingly, David Brooks who came on for James scored the equaliser for Wales.