Gary Neville reveals the Man Utd player causing problems for Solskjaer in big games

Manchester United boss Ole Gunnar Solskjaer played Paul Pogba in the left wing against Liverpool and Gary Neville believes it caused an imbalance for Manchester United.

Solskjaer opts to play Pogba in the left wing in big games due to his poor defending.

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“One of the issues Man Utd have is that when they pick Paul Pogba on the left it means Marcus Rashford has to go over to the right and the balance of the team fails – we’ve seen it too many times now. It’s something that needs fixing,” Gary Neville said after United’s 4-2 defeat to Liverpool.

“Manchester United need that right-hand side option. And Ole Gunnar Solskjaer needs to work out if Paul Pogba can play in the centre of midfield or not in big games.

“If he is not then the whole balance of the team shifts when he is put on the left and Rashford has to go to the right. It’s just obvious that the whole team are better [following the introduction of Mason Greenwood and Rashford’s switch to the left].”