“Man Utd are much more attractive” – Ian Wright urge player to shun Liverpool and join Man Utd instead

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Arsenal legend Ian Wright has urged Brighton midfielder Yves Bissouma to shun a move to Liverpool and join Manchester United instead.

Arsenal, Tottenham, Liverpool and Manchester United are reportedly interested in signing 24 year old midfielder following his excellent performances for Brighton this season.

“Bissouma’s making it clear now he wants to leave,” Wright said on Ringer FC’s Wright’s House podcast.

“Bissouma at United… that fits. He’s very good.

Photo: Getty images

“You look at Bissouma, and he’s looking at Liverpool, we know that Liverpool have had their problems this season and you’ve got to choose between Liverpool and Man United in the current climate.

“I’m probably going to go with Man United. At the moment, yeah, because if we didn’t have the pandemic there’s certain things that’s going to happen where someone gets sold so they can finance [another signing].

“And what’s going on at Liverpool, there’s a lot of players getting into that 30 age bracket – Van Dijk, Henderson, the three guys up front.

“You think to yourself, ‘yeah Liverpool are magnificent with what they’ve done these last couple of years’. But you look at Man United and what Man United are on the cusp of doing, it’s a much more attractive proposition right now, much more.

“And I’m not being disrespectful to Liverpool, but it seems to me at Liverpool… where’s the funding? Like when they did Coutinho to get everybody in, when they sold Suarez to get everybody in, where’s that funding coming from for Liverpool for them [potential signings] to say, ‘I can see what they are building’?

“You’ve got three unbelievable players who are getting to a stage of their career where they’re like, ‘can I go to Real Madrid?’… no, it’s not looking as attractive, with all due respect to Liverpool.”