The Glazer family make final decision on selling Manchester United after fan protests

Thousands of fans protested against the Glazer family ownership of Manchester United on Sunday which led to the postponement of our the league game against Liverpool.

The Americans acquired the club in 2005 for around £780m and the club was instantly put into debt of around £550m. In the sixteen years since, the family have taken around £1.5bn out of the club, in money which could have otherwise been spent on players, the stadium and other projects.

According to The Guardian via Metro UK, the Glazer family have made a decision not to sell Manchester United despite protest from fans.

Manchester United is valued at between £3.7bn-£4bn but the Americans believe it could be worth around £7.2bn in the coming years and they’re not ready to give up their stake.

With the Glazer family reluctant on selling the club, we could expect to see more protests from Manchester United fans in the near future.