Manchester United legend reveals where the protesters got it wrong

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Manchester United legend Peter Schmeichel has revealed where fans of Manchester United may have gotten it wrong with their protest against the Glazers.

The Glazers have never been popular since their takeover in 2005, and the fans were appalled to see them involved in the European Super League, which triggered the recent protest.

Schmeichel has told fans that an outright sale of the club won’t come easy, due to the value of the club and has rather urged fans to work with the owners and the board, in order to maintain the tradition of the club.

“I think it’s so easy to say that the Glazers are bad for the club,” Schmeichel told Good Morning Britain on Monday.

“They’re not doing this, not doing that and they should sell up. The issue here is that it will be like $4bn, I don’t know who’s got $4bn that will buy Manchester United and make it better.

“That’s the key here. Who’s going to make it better? I’m really struggling to see how to organise the fans to collect $4bn. That would of course be the ideal solution.

“I would much rather try and work with the current owners and see if it’s possible to get them to understand what the football club is all about.

“I would much rather try and work with the Glazer family, the ownership and leadership of the club and try to get them in line with what the fans want because at the end of the day we play football for the fans, as simple as that, without fans there won’t be any football. There won’t be any money in football.

“We need to work towards them understanding that.”

The legendary goalkeeper also added that this is the right time for football to be restructured.

“We have a massive opportunity here from two weeks ago we saw the reaction,” continued the Dane.

“I don’t think these owners that can come up with anything, at least not in the near future, that can be as devastating to football or show that kind of greed again.

“There’s a massive opportunity for everyone – FIFA, UEFA, the Premier League, the FA, Government, players, everyone to change football because football needs to change.

“If not a change in direction then a change in mentality and understanding of why we are playing this game.

“Are we playing it for ourselves? Are we playing to get rich? Are we playing for the fans?

“I think that’s an easy question to answer, we’re playing it for the fans. So let’s speak to the fans, see what their needs are and move towards their needs.”

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