Eyewitness recount ugly incident that happened during the protest

Photo: AFP

A lot has been said about the protest of Manchester United supporters against the ownership of the Glazers.

The Glazers have never been popular among the United fans since their takover in 2005, and their reputation took a final blow following the club’s involvement in the European Super League.

The ESL has since been called off, but the Glazers were never forgiven, and United fans have made known their intentions towards them.

What started out as a peaceful protest on Sunday, eventually turned into scenes of violence as protesters clashed with police.

One eyewitness told the Mirror: “There was quite a heavy police presence. They pushed the protesters back onto the main road to stop them coming down to the Lowry Hotel where the players were.

“It all went well up until the point the fans found out the game was off, which then it started to turn ugly towards the police, started throwing bottles, lighting smoke grenades.

“They were blocking cars, smashing into cars, kicking cars and then the truck turned up where it all started. They were blocking it. The driver got out, tried to confront them.”

From police to supporters, a lot of injuries happened during the protest, and we can only hope normalcy will be restored soon.

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