Souness: Manchester United fans could have killed me during the protest

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Liverpool legend Graeme Souness was furious with the actions of some Manchester United fans at Old Trafford, during the protest against the Glazers on Sunday.

Hundreds of fans gained access to Old Trafford during the protests against the Glazers, causing Manchester United’s game against Liverpool to be postponed.

Souness was less than impressed with the fans who threw flares up at the Sky Sports studio, and revealed that they could have hurt or even killed them.

Speaking on Sky Sports, he said: “Let’s not mess around, we’re all skirting around it, let’s be honest: someone has thrown a flair up to this stage today. If that had hit any one of us we’d be lying in a hospital permanently scared on one side of our face wherever it hit is.

“So that isn’t a laughable situation. Someone threw a full can of beer at us. Again, that clips you in the wrong place, that might even kill you.

“So let’s not mess about, let’s not be tippy-tapping around the situation and the reality of it. That is unacceptable. Something has happened out there for this game to be postponed.”

Manchester United legend Roy Keane tried to defend the situation and suggested that protests will always have ‘a couple of idiots’, but Souness had none of it, as he went on: “Forget us. We’re used to it, the way you played, the way I played, we’re used to it. Shout as much abuse as you want.

“But that goes way beyond the acceptable. A lit flare! And if you care to take a camera down there [points beneath stage] you’ll see it’s hit the underneath of the stage we’re standing on and it’s then dropped off and burnt a great big hole in the tarpaulin down there.

“A flare – do you remember there was a kid killed by a flare down in Cardiff a few years ago. You can’t underplay it.”

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