Glazers ready to sell Manchester United for this amount after fan protests

According to Football Insider, most of the Glazer family have become disenfranchised with Man United and are ready to sell.

Manchester United Premier League clash against Liverpool o Sunday was postponed following fan protest at Old Trafford.

Fans are calling for the Glazer family to sell the club after losing trust in the owners.

Following the protest at Old Trafford on Sunday, Football Insider claim the Glazers have set a £4bn asking price for the club.

“I think £4billion could be the tipping point from the point of view of the Glazers,” finance guru and Football Insider columnist Kieran Maguire said.

“Man United have a very strange share formation. The Glazers have shares that are worth 10 votes each.

“But the shares that you can buy in the New York Stock Exchange only have one vote each. That’s why getting the Glazers on board is so critical.

“They bought the club for £700million. I don’t think that all the Glazer children are in favour of carrying on their investment in Man United.

“Joel Glazer is the driver but the others are happy to collect the dividends. The annual dividends are £22m, which is a pretty low return on the investment.

“I think there could be pressure from the other Glazers at £4bn. The current market value of the club is £2.5bn maximum.

“You’ve got £700m’s worth of debt on top of that, which takes it up to £3bn.

“You add a £1bn premium and I really think you could be looking at a potential sale at that price.”

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