Roma coach reveals the two Manchester United players to watch out for

Roma head coach Paulo Fonseca has reserved special praise for Manchester United duo Marcus Rashford and Bruno Fernandes ahead of the Europa League clash with Manchester United on Thursday.

Fonseca has hailed the quality of the Manchester United team, and believes that Rashford and Bruno Fernandes are exceptional players.

“They have amazing players who can decide in one situation one game and we have to pay attention these individual situations of Manchester United,” Fonseca told ESPN.

“I think Rashford is an amazing, amazing player. He’s having a great, great season. But I think Man United as a whole team are strong.”

On Bruno Fernandes, the Portuguese national said of his countryman: “Bruno played many years here in Italy and just when he returned to Portugal with Sporting, where he had a great season.

“The people understood the real value from what he did at Sporting, it was amazing. And what he’s doing in Manchester is also amazing.

“He’s a player with a strong personality, he wants to win all the time. It’s true that he arrived a little late at Sporting but you can see he’s a player with big experience.

“I think it was very positive the years he had here in Italy where the football is really difficult for a midfielder like him.

“But he grew so much in Italy and he proved at Sporting he can play at the highest level, like he’s proving now in Manchester.

“The main point is the character of Bruno. He’s a leader, he’s a fighter but he’s also a player with big quality and he’s very smart.

“I’m not surprised about what he’s doing at Manchester where he arrived and immediately started to be an important player at Manchester United.

“He’s confirming this, he’s confirming the quality and at the moment he’s one of the main players of Manchester United.”

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