Saha: Why Manchester United shouldn’t sell Anthony Martial

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Former Manchester United striker Louis Saha has urged the club not to sell Anthony Martial unless the club signs a top replacement.

Saha has struggled this season, scoring just 7 goals in 45 appearances before his season was ended by an injury in early April.

“You can’t get rid of Anthony Martial without replacing him and Martial is a top player,” Saha told 888sport.

“So, to pick a player over Martial you have to look at [Kylian] Mbappe or [Erling] Haaland or someone like that, otherwise it makes no sense to let him go.

“Just because he is not very confident right now on the pitch you cannot just go for a player of the same level. You have to look for the big names because Martial is a great player.

“I don’t think he has the same platform that I had. That’s not an excuse, but I had Paul Scholes and a generation of players who regularly won things.

“This is huge because I don’t think I started a single game where I didn’t think, ‘we are going to win’. This is special.

“I’m not saying the current players aren’t confident but it’s not the same.”

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