Report: Emergency meeting to be held amid fan unrest

Manchester United fans have been protesting against the decision made by the club after the club’s involvement in the European Super League.

All Big Six clubs in England were set to join the ESL and had all announced their intentions publicly. However, fans unrest made them back out within 48 hours.

Manchester United fans held mass protests outside Old Trafford on Saturday in revolt to the club, and thousands of fans turned up to showcase their opposition to the Glazers.

The Glazers have never popular at the club, and fans took the opportunity to revolt against the Americans. The protests reached a crescendo at Elland Road where a plane flew overhead with a banner targeted against the owners.

More protests are set to be organised ahead of the game against Liverpool, which has now prompted the club’s board to organise an emergency meeting.

Joel Glazer’s heartfelt letter to the fans never carried any weight, and according to The Express, Manchester United are set to convene an emergency fans forum this Friday as fan-led protests against the Glazers continue to rise.

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