Why Sir Alex Ferguson was furious with Ed Woodward

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Manchester United vice-chairman Ed Woodward has confirmed that he’d vacate his post at the end of the year, after his involvement in the controversial European Super League project.

The 49-year-old has never had a good image in the eyes of the Manchester United fans, and his involvement in the ESL further damaged his reputation, which led to his resignation.

Meanwhile, Manchester United legendary manager Sir Alex Ferguson was furious with the manner which Woodward treated manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.

Solskjaer had no idea of the club’s involvement in the European Super League, and was forced to face the press with a blind eye.

The United boss was informed by Woodward of United’s decision after 3pm on Sunday, less than an hour before the 3-1 win against Burnley. The Norwegian cut short a conversation about the plans, according to the Athletic, as he wanted to focus on the game against the Clarets.

Alex Ferguson was definitely not pleased with the way things turned out, more especially for Solskjaer who wasn’t treated with respect.

Meanwhile, Gary Neville launched a stinging attack on Woodward and also the Glazers family, as the reputation of the United’s owners have further diminished.

“Ed Woodward is the trunk of the tree, we now need to go for the roots,” said Neville.

“I said last night I felt complicit, they’ve declared their hand, while they were peacefully sat at the club not making a statement, never showing their hand, never doing media conferences, yeah they were taking money out of the club, yes they’ve leveraged against the club, there’s nothing that they could do about that once the club became a PLC.

“But I said last night, they attacked every single football fan in this country with what they did and Jamie’s just talked about FSG having no place in Liverpool, the Glazers have no place in Manchester anymore.”

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