Where are you Ed? Rio Ferdinand demands answers from Ed Woodward

The European Super League may have died a natural death, but its impact is still being felt, as many have felt betrayed over the decision of the Premier League’s Big Six clubs to try and form a breakaway league.

Various managers and directors of the 14 other clubs have asked for sanctions to be placed on the Big Six, and their representatives in the Premier League have also been asked to step down.

Meanwhile, Manchester United legend Rio Ferdinand, is asking for answers from the Glazers family and Ed Woodward.

Speaking on his Vibe with FIVE YouTube channel, Rio Ferdinand demanded answers from the ‘faceless’ owners – such as the Glazers at United – as to their intentions behind organising the Super League.

He also called out Ed Woodward whom he knows personally, and asked the departing United vice-chairman to explain his involvement in the European Super League.

“We want to know the answers, it is all vague,” Rio Ferdinand said. “We want to know why you went forward with this, and how you thought the fans would be ok with this?

“What were your reasons behind doing this? You can’t run institutions like Man United, Liverpool, the six clubs that we have got and think you can just be a faceless person that just throws out ideas that won’t affect anybody.

“But you see the uproar, the turnout, the fallout that happens and I commend the Chelsea fans that went to Chelsea, going bananas, I’d love to see more people do that. These people need to understand.

” You can’t come out and give us a blanket coverup story and not tell us why. Ed Woodward resigned, I want to know why, where are you Ed? I know you personally.

“I want to know why, were you part of this? I could sit here and hammer Ed Woodward, I could sit here and hammer the Glazers. I could sit here and hammer all the owners of these football clubs.

“I don’t want to waste my time doing that, I just want answers. They should be put up on a pedestal, like they wanted to be as these six great clubs, and come out now and answer some questions, that’s what the fans deserve.”

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