‘This is bullying’ — Former Manchester United’s head of first team development says

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Just last month, Manchester United legend Nicky Butt stepped down from his role as United’s head of first team development.

The United legend has been left unimpressed by the club’s decision to be a part of the European Super League, and has labelled it as bullying from the wealthy owners of the club who believe they can do anything with the club.

Butt doesn’t believe an apology is enough from the owners, and admits it would be difficult to earn back the trust of the fans.

“I don’t think an apology is too great anyway if I’m honest,” he told Sky Sports. “I think what happened should never have happened.

“What happened is the worst case of bullying in my opinion, from powerful people, so whether they apologise or not is irrelevant to me really.”

Asked how long it would take for the club owners involved to regain the trust of the fans, Butt said: “A hell of a long time and I don’t see how it’s possible. It’s difficult to regain someone’s trust after going behind people’s backs for so long.

“It’s going to be difficult, I don’t know how they do it.

“I think that’s how some of these businessmen work. They work in the shadows if you like and they do what they think is right but I think the shocking thing is they can’t have empathy for the fans who make this sport so great.

“Without the fans, the sport is nothing, and to not be on board with what the fans want, that’s the alarming thing for me.

“So it’s a lesson to people who come into the country and come into powerful football clubs and think they can do whatever they want because they are owners and they are very, very wealthy.”

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