No mercy! Sam Allardyce tells FA to place heavy sanction on Manchester United

The drama surrounding the European Super League has been intense since on Sunday, when the Premier League’s Big Six decided to form a breakaway competition with six other elite clubs in Europe.

All six Premier League clubs have decided to withdraw from the ESL after facing heavy backslash from the media, fans, government and even their own players.

With the Premier League’s Big Six having withdrawn from the controversial European Super League, West Brom boss Sam Allardyce isn’t satisfied enough, and wants heavy sanctions to be placed on the clubs.

“If I breach any rules, I get sanctioned,” said the West Brom manager.

“In this case they’ve broken the rules. I don’t know what the form of punishment should be, but certainly if you’ve broken the rules then you need to pay for that.

“There are lessons to be learned for the governing bodies who run our game, unless we learn those lessons quickly and protect better the structure of our game, we’re likely to see this again and again.

“It’s not a new idea, it might’ve been a new format but it’s been talked about for years. The bigger boys want a bigger share of the pot. Luckily that’s been resisted and rightly so.

“This stinks of the American system for me. Three of the six owners are based in America. Now is the time for everyone to come together.

“I am talking about the stakeholders: supporters’ trusts, the PFA, the LMA, the FA, the EFL, and the Premier League.

“We need better rules and regulations and then we may avoid this situation again. Until then, we’ll still find ourselves open down the line to some other changes on the basis of clubs wanting more money.”

“The [big six clubs] have given their fans a real smack in the face,” added Allardyce.

“They’ve tried to look after themselves and not the great football pyramid we have in this country.”

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