Livid Gary Neville tells Glazer family to sell Manchester United

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The Glazer family took over Manchester United in 2005 in controversial circumstance, and they have never been loved by the Manchester United fans.

Following their involvement in the European Super League, Manchester United fans may yet again resume their grievance with the United owners.

Following the resignation of former executive vice-chairman Ed Woodward, former Manchester United captain Gary Neville, has also called on the Glazers to relinquish their ownership of Manchester United and sell the club to a willing buyer.

“We obviously don’t know why the timing is now, the leeches could’ve thrown him under a bus, there’s no doubt about that, or, it could’ve been that the sensible thing’s happened that Ed Woodward knew it was going to get pretty hot in the kitchen for him in the next few months and he needed to get out of there,” Neville told Sky Sports.

“The fact of the matter is, not just Ed Woodward, every single executive who goes and sits at the Premier League table, every single executive who’s on these UEFA or FIFA committees, they need throwing out of that club because there’s no way they can turn up an audience again and be trusted. So Ed Woodward knew his time in football was finished, probably this morning, and he’s probably done that to keep away from the criticism that would’ve come his way in the next few months.

“However, Ed Woodward is the trunk of the tree, we now need to go for the roots. I said last night I felt complicit, they’ve declared their hand, while they were peacefully sat at the club not making a statement, never showing their hand, never doing media conferences, yeah they were taking money out of the club, yes they’ve leveraged against the club, there’s nothing that they could do about that once the club became a PLC.

“But I said last night, they attacked every single football fan in this country with what they did and Jamie’s just talked about FSG having no place in Liverpool, the Glazers have no place in Manchester anymore. And we have to work hard together to ensure that ownership rules in this country are changed, that we have a system whereby this cannot happen, whether that is government intervention, independent regulator, whether it be a fan-owned club rule, whatever it is, we have to make sure that this is the catalyst for change.

“And the people have spoken, we were on the brink of anarchy if this continued, the Chelsea fans who turned up tonight the Liverpool and Leeds fans who turned up last night, social media presence and these six sets of owners in this country and obviously the other ones in Europe have misread this situation badly. We’re in the midst of a pandemic, we’ve been locked in for eight months, we’re not in a decent place here, and they tried to run away with the crown jewels while we’re all down and they’ve basically made everybody rise.

“And I can’t wait for the next season, I can’t wait for fans to be back in the stadium because there has to be a concerted, organised, mobilised, strategic effort to change now football in this country.”

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