Roy Keane sends message to Pogba regarding Jose Mourinho’s comment

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Jose Mourinho has today been axed from his job as Tottenham manager, as Spurs have called it quits with the Portuguese boss.

Recently, Manchester United midfielder Paul Pogba spoke about his relationship with Mourinho and claimed that the former United’s boss man-management skill can’t be compared to Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.

Pogba had told Sky Sports: “What I have now with Ole is different, he wouldn’t go against the players.

“He wouldn’t go against the players. Maybe Ole wouldn’t pick them, but it’s not like he puts them on the side like they don’t exist anymore.

“That’s the difference between Mourinho and Ole. Once I had a great relationship with Mourinho, everybody saw that, and the next day you don’t know what happened.

“That’s the strange thing I had with Mourinho and I cannot explain to you because even I don’t know. So, yeah.”

Meanwhile, former United skipper Roy Keane who’s not shy to make some bold claims have hit out at Pogba. Keane had said that it’s not the manager’s job to make a player happy and has told Pogba to win titles for the club before talking.

Speaking while on pundit duty for Sky Sports, the former United skipper said: “If I’m going to start comparing Ole and Mourinho’s personalities, it’s chalk and cheese. But I tell you what, I don’t mind the look of Mourinho’s CV.

“Everyone talks about managers upsetting players – that’s your job.

“Managers used to upset me, you put that to the side. You still play for Man United, I’ve been there with managers.

“That’s man-management, managers are entitled to make mistakes.

“If Mourinho was sitting here, I’m sure he’d admit he got it wrong with Pogba on certain occasions like all the great managers did, but I played under great managers: Brian Clough, Alex Ferguson, they made mistakes but sometimes you have to just get on with it.

“Pogba hasn’t been there 12 months, he’s been there three or four years and they’ve not exactly been competing to win the big trophies.

“When Man United signed Pogba, it wasn’t to be playing in the Europa League and to be trying to win the league. He’s part of the problem, he’s out there playing – he’s come for big money with a big reputation.

“In his interviews he’s saying he’s come here to win trophies, well, do it, do it against Man City in the League Cup, Leicester away.”

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