Manchester United midfielder Paul Pogba signs deal with Amazon

Photo: Getty images

Manchester United midfielder Paul Pogba has signed with Amazon studios.

The deal with Amazon will see Pogba star in his own docu-series titled ‘The Pogmentary.’

The French World Cup winner, who has 43.5million followers on Instagram, will offer fans a rare insight into his life behind-the-scenes in the French Amazon Original, which will air in 2022 exclusively on Prime Video.

The French World Cup-winner will work with Black Dynamite, part of the Mediawan Group, on the French Amazon Original, which will reveal what made him the man he is today and offer a glimpse into his life.

Here’s the logline: “Prime members will discover his world through previously unreleased footage from his childhood and conversations with his family, friends and teammates. His fans will also learn more about his life, passions and accomplishments, looking at what were the key moments on his journey to become one of the most influential football players and icons in the world.”

“Paul Pogba is one of the most prominent talents of his time, so we are thrilled to be collaborating with him with an overall deal and his series The Pogmentary,” said Georgia Brown, Head of European Originals, Amazon Studios.

“We all know Paul for what he can do on a football pitch, but his influence reaches much further, and he is without doubt an icon for an entire generation.”

“Paul Pogba has such an inspiring story of how, with hard work, passion, and the support of a loving family, any goal can be within reach,” said Thomas Dubois, Head of French Amazon Originals for Prime Video.

“This is exactly the kind of story we want to tell on Prime Video; and exactly the type of ambitious, once-in-a-generation talented people we want to highlight in our docuseries.

“This unique, behind-the-scenes look at Paul Pogba’s life will captivate Prime members in France and around the world.”