Mind games! Jose Mourinho fires shot at Solskjaer ahead of Sunday’s clash

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer took over from Jose Mourinho as Manchester United boss, and the Norwegian is in his third season at the club.

Jose Mourinho won two trophies when in charge at Old Trafford, but Solskjaer is yet to win his first trophy in charge of the club.

Solskjaer recently claimed that he’s happy with the team’s progress made under him and hinted that he values it more than the trophies, claiming that the trophies will come at the end.

However, Jose Mourinho has now fired shots at Solskjaer and claimed that his ‘big boss’ Sir Alex Ferguson won’t agree with his statement.

“I’m pretty sure that his big boss, Sir Alex, has a different opinion about it,” Mourinho said ahead of facing Manchester United on Sunday.

“But I respect what Solskjaer thinks.

“I think differently. Freedom of thinking, freedom of ideas. If that’s the way he thinks, that’s fine for me. It’s not a problem for me. It’s not being disrespectful for everyone.

“But I believe that, I repeat, his big boss, the biggest of Premier League history, has a different view in relation to that.”