Arsenal legend sends response to Manchester United legend Gary Neville

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Arsenal were well beaten by Liverpool 3-0 over the weekend, and the defeat took the Gunners to 10th in the league, which is a far cry from where Arsenal should be.

Speaking after the game, Manchester United legend Gary Neville suggested that there was likely a rift between the manager and players, and suggested that a few players have formed a mafia in the Gunners dressing room.

“I was alarmed,” Neville told Sky Sports.

“We know Arsenal are inconsistent and in transition under Mikel Arteta. But I have to say at half-time on Saturday I was really uncomfortable by what I saw. Usually at the end of the game I just leave, but I sat around for a few minutes with Martin Tyler and went, ‘what was that?’

Asked about Neville’s comments, legendary Arsenal goalkeeper Jens Lehmann admitted that even though he didn’t like Gary Neville as a player, he agreed with what he said.

Lehmann said: “I didn’t like Gary Neville as an opponent on the pitch but I like his comments sometimes.

“Obviously I always fancy Arsenal and watch them. This season, I don’t really get what they’re doing, it’s been disappointing.

“There’s a lot of young players but for a lot of Arsenal fans this isn’t an excuse because they always need to compete for the top-four.

“Where they are right now, Gary is probably right, something is missing. He’s right.

“Sometimes as a player you listen to your manager and you expect something more. Sometimes as a manger you tell your players something and they just don’t do it. Right now it’s not up to me to decide which one it is.”

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