Solskjaer: Why I allowed Lingard to join West Ham on loan

Manchester United boss Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has revealed that he allowed Jesse Lingard to join West Ham on loan and press his claims for a Euro 2020 spot as a reward for his loyalty to United.

“You know sometimes as a manager you can think only about yourself and your own squad and the selfish thing would have been to keep Jesse because he would have got the chance, and he knows that,” said Solskjaer.

“He knows we made that decision to let him go, that was a personal decision that he was going to benefit from, and we knew West Ham were going to benefit from, but it was for everything Jesse has done for the club.

“He deserved to play more towards the end of the season because there is a big Euros as well in the summer, and we hope he is going to be part of it.”