Manchester United assistant manager reveals how he almost lost his job

Mike Phelan is currently occupying the position of assistant manager at Old Trafford, and the coach also assisted Sir Alex Ferguson during his time as manager.

Phelan has looked back at a funny incident where he almost gave Sir Alex a heart attack by popping a balloon on the touchline.

According to Phelan, he was bored by the game and his attention was so much on popping the balloon, which ended up startling everyone.

Mike Phelan said during a Q&A on Twitter: “I can remember that incident very clearly. I nearly lost my job the day after, to be fair! We’re sat there and the game’s going on and what not. And then this balloon got in my head.

“I saw it bobbing around and I wasn’t interested in the game back then, I was more interested in that fat balloon, it comes near me and it’s having it! It found its way to me, I picked it up and I popped it.

“All of a sudden everyone jumped, nearly had a heart attack and the gaffer has gone berserk. I’m just laughing! I’m actually laughing sitting there and the game’s going on. I’m thinking what’s all the fuss, what’s all the bother I just popped a balloon!”

The 58-year-old will be glad that he didn’t lose his job at the end.