Chelsea legend admits Luke Shaw is a better left-back than Ben Chilwell

Manchester United left-back Luke Shaw has overcome his struggles at the club and has put in a very impressive shift so far this season.

It could be said that Shaw has been the best left-back in the Premier League this season.

Chelsea legend Ashley Cole, is known as one of the greatest left-backs to have played in the Premier League, and he has in the past spoken highly of Chilwell.

However, the former Chelsea and Arsenal defender has admitted that Shaw is currently performing better than Chilwell and could be the main man for the Three Lions in that position come this summer, when the European Championships begin.

“I think it’s a tight one between Shaw who I think is just pipping it at the minute,” Cole told ITV.

“I think he is playing more consistently for Manchester United, where as Chilwell… some days he plays [for Chelsea] and some days he don’t.

“I think at the moment Shaw is in the lead. But who knows? Going into the last games of the Premier League season, who can hold their nerve and keep that consistency up before the squad gets announced.”

Former Manchester United captain Roy Keane also agreed that Shaw is currently the best left-back in the country.

“This year he’s been outstanding,” said Keane.

“I know he’s had issues under Mourinho, obviously, but he’s been consistent this year.

“Going forward but defensively I think he has the edge over the other full-backs in the England squad.

“He’s improved that, no one has really got the better of him this season one vs one.”