Manchester United legend backed to become club boss

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Former Ireland international Paul McGrath, has backed Manchester United legend Roy Keane to become the next manager of Celtic.

The United legend has emerged as one of the favourites for the Celtic job, alongside the likes of Chris Wilder and Eddie Howe. However, McGrath believes Keane has the personality to shake things up with the Bhoys.

McGrath also believes Keane must have learned from his previous experience, even though he hasn’t managed a club since managing Ipswich ten years ago.

“If Roy gets the Celtic job, he would go into the club and shake a few things up, which is what they need given what we have seen with that team this year,” McGrath told the Sunday World.

“I feel he will have learned from what has happened in his management career so far, as shouting and screaming at modern day players just doesn’t work.

“He would be a good fit for Celtic. Seeing him competing with Steven Gerrard at Rangers would have us all watching Old Firm matches next season and I hope he gets the job.

“If he is allowed to get the right players in at a club he clearly loves, I’m sure the Celtic fans would warm to having him as their manager.”

The Aston Villa legend also revealed that what we see of Keane on TV, is different from his real life personality.

“The Roy Keane I know and like is not the man so many people believe him to be,” said the Aston Villa legend.

“I have always got on great with Roy. He is a funny guy, a genuine person and has always been great company as a teammate and in the years since we both stopped playing.

“I think the Roy Keane we see on Sky Sports is very much a guy who has created a TV identity and he lives up to it with his comments, but don’t kid yourself and think Roy is like that all the time.”