Gary Neville reveals why defeat to Leicester City left him depressed

Manchester United fans have been in pains since the 3-1 defeat suffered in the FA Cup quarter-final clash against Leicester City.

The Foxes took their chances against an insipid United side, and couldn’t bounce back to get a win, after a 1-1 scoreline at half-time.

Manchester United legend Gary Neville has admitted that he was left feeling devastated following the defeat against the Foxes who seemed determined to win the game.

Gary Neville believes that this marked a good chance to win a trophy this season, and was left demoralised after the loss.

He said on the Gary Neville podcast with Sky Sports: “I am demoralised a little bit tonight as a United fan because I do feel that was a really good one to go for this season,’ he added.

“And if you want to catch Manchester City, you’ve got to beat them. Got to beat them in the big game and a big competition.

“Spurs have that chance in a few weeks in a final and if Manchester City are going to be in a final, I know they have Chelsea, then Manchester United have got to be there to stop them.

“You can’t rely on other teams to stop them if you are the second best team in the country. If you have a half decent record against City, which United under Solskjaer have, then you’ve got to be the ones to stop them.

“If you think about in 1999, when Arsenal won the double the year before, we were the only team that could stop them in the semi final and we did stop them, hard work but we did stop them.

“Same in the league, you can’t wait for other teams to stop them for you, if you want to catch teams you have to leave one on them and I am disappointed with that tonight.

“I think United fans are disappointed, I have seen the reaction on social media.”