There’s no truth in Van de Beek rumours, former Netherlands international says

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Manchester United summer signing Donny van de Beek has had limited playing time since signing for Manchester United.

The 23-year-old joined the club following a £40m move from Ajax, but has only started two Premier League games.

Rumours now claim that Van de Beek is keen on leaving the club at the end of the season and has spoken to Ajax for a possible return, but Ronald de Boer, who share same agent with the Manchester United midfielder has refuted such claims.

“I spoke to Ajax and they said there’s no truth in it at all. He didn’t ask to speak to them,” De Boer told talkSPORT 2.

“He’s just focusing on his recovery on his ankle, and it’s not true that he asked Man United to leave.

“His agent also told me that of course he’s not happy that he’s not playing. He’s only had two starts under Solskjaer and that’s not what he hoped for when he joined Man United.

“He’s not worried, of course he wants to play every game. But he’s not worried that he can’t succeed.

“He has to have a review after this year, asking where do I stand? Do I have a possibility to succeed here or not? Otherwise, I have to make a move.

“We will see where he’s heading next year, maybe he stays at Man United or maybe another club is interesting for him.

“But he’s not panicking at all, he told the manager he’s so happy at Man United because the club is one of the best in terms of how they treat him, he feels loved.”