Owen and Wright disagree over Liverpool and Man Utd

Former Liverpool and Manchester United striker Michael Owen and former Arsenal striker Ian Wright disagreed over who is the second-best team in the Premier League right now.

Manchester United are second in the league, 14 points behind leaders Manchester City, while Liverpool are sixth, 5 points off fourth-place Chelsea and 11 points behind Manchester United.

Despite Liverpool’s struggles this season, Owen believes they are the second best team in the Premier League, an opinion which Wright took exception to.

“The table obviously says that [United are second best] so you’ve obviously got to lean with that,” Owen told Premier League Productions.

“I still watch them and try to fathom out ‘what is a Manchester United style?’.

“What does Ole Gunnar Solskjaer tell them before the game? Because to me the team actually sits there and it looks like they’ve got counter-attacking off to a tee, I think they’re a fantastic counter-attacking team.

“Still have questions against them when they’re playing against teams who like to defend.

“Are they the second best in the league? Possibly, probably, but I don’t think anybody… Man City are far and away, Liverpool are the second best really.

“Liverpool are the second best. Not in recent weeks but they are, I’d say they are the second best team. I still think they are, they’re recent European champions.”

However, Wright took exception to Owen’s comments about Liverpool.

“But not the way they’re playing now Mick, not the way they’re playing now,” Wright interrupted.

To which Owen replied: “Stop laughing when you’re talking! You’re trying to wind me up.”

“I’m not laughing,” said Wright.

Owen added: “They’re reigning Premier League champions so they’re still a very good team, they’re just in a bad patch.

“Chelsea are looking good as well. I don’t know, you could argue like we are now that they’re the second best.”