Maguire caught lashing out at Wan-Bissaka. See what he told the right-back

Manchester United skipper Harry Maguire has been giving it out to his teammates of late, and thanks to the empty stadiums, it’s much easier to pick up what players say on the pitch.

Maguire was heard screaming at right-back Aaron Wan-Bissaka, “F* tidy up, stop giving the f* ball away”, after a string of errors from the defender.

Wan-Bissaka had been involved in some loose passes during the game, and Maguire demanded total attention from the right-back.

United ended getting the win and a clean sheet, and Maguire would surely be pleased with how the defence handled the Hammers attack.

Meanwhile, this isn’t the first time Maguire has been caught yelling at his teammates. In the goalless draw against Crystal Palace, an irrate Maguire was heard yelling at Marcus Rashford who was having a poor game and straying off too easily: “F*g get back onside!”

Rashford then fired back at Maguire “shut the f* up, f* k****”.

Surely, with this kind of attitude, Maguire will be keeping the players on their toes, as we are currently in a critical stage of the season.

Good job, captain!