Read what Bruno Fernandes has to say about his award winning goal

Bruno Fernandes has been a consistent scorer since signing up for Manchester United, and the Portuguese international was at it again in the month of February.

Bruno Fernandes scored four times in the month of February, including a superb volley against West Bromwich Albion. However it was his stunner against Everton that has earned him the Manchester United goal of the month for February.

Bruno Fernandes’ strike beat Edinson Cavani’s header against Southampton and Marcus Rashford’s strike against Newcastle United, for the award, and he has named it as one of his best goals for the club.

Explaining how he scored the goal, he told MUFC: “In that move I remember Fred won the ball.

“Before Fred turned to pass to me I looked behind me and I saw Aza [Aaron Wan-Bissaka] was a little bit free and I think at the moment I felt like [Lucas] Digne was close to me and would come to press me. Fred gave a good pass, I let the ball pass to Aza with a faint touch. Aza came inside again to me. When I controlled the ball the first thing that came into my mind was the cross because I knew that Edinson and Rashy were in the box.

“When I went to cross I saw they had given me a little bit of space and I was not feeling the cross was the best option at that moment and when they give me that little bit of space I had another touch and I felt that I could get a goal from there.”

He further said: “Honestly I was happy because it was a good goal and perfect for the moment, but it was unlucky for us that we didn’t win that game.

“It’s one of my favourites up to now. I like the free-kick ones I scored against Liverpool and Bournemouth because I like free-kicks. But at the same time, this one was really good in that it was powerful, technical and the timing was good. I think if it is not the best, it is one of my best.”

Bruno Fernandes strike was also nominated for the Premier League goal of the month.