It’s not good for Manchester United to depend on Bruno Fernandes

Photo: Getty images

Manchester United have been heavily reliant on Portuguese midfielder Bruno Fernandes. The former Sporting midfielder has been a top player for Manchester United since he joined the club last season.

This season, Bruno Fernandes has scored 22 goals and assisted 12 in all competitions, yet he still comes under criticism for not shining in the big games.

United have struggled against the traditional Big Six, with the media criticising Fernandes in those games.

Meanwhile, former Portuguese midfielder and Braga coach Carlos Carvahal, has insisted that its not good for Manchester United to be too dependent on Bruno Fernandes.

“I I think it’s not good in any team in the world if you depend too much on one player, so this is not good of course,” he told talkSPORT.

“The best thing would be for the team to work together as a collective, because Manchester United have a lot of players who can be a threat, not just Fernandes.

“When a team depends too much on one player it can be very difficult to achieve something, because opponents find a way to block that player, sometimes the player can get injured or suspended, so you can’t depend on one player.

“Football is a collective game, it’s about 11 players, and while it’s important to have individual players to win a game, you need all the players.

“If you don’t depend so much on one player, and every player makes a difference, you can beat any team.”