‘They are so lethargic. There is no urgency’ — Gary Neville blasts Manchester United after goalless draw at Crystal Palace

Manchester United legend, Gary Neville, has said he’s disappointment with the performance of the team in our goalless draw against Crystal Palace on Wednesday night.

The Red Devils couldn’t find inspiration from anywhere to break the deadlock, and are now 14 points behind first placed Manchester City.

The Red Devils will be playing the Citizens at the Etihad this weekend, and Neville warns that we’re at risk of dropping off second place unless the players show more urgency to win games.

Gary Neville said, “I’m just getting the feeling watching United that they are sleepwalking into a top four race when it could be so much more comfortable for them.

“They have dropped so many points in these last few weeks. They are so lethargic, there is no urgency, I am expecting them to throw the kitchen sink at it.

“It is almost like they think it is OK to draw this game, that they don’t see the danger of doing so. There is not a lot of fight out there, they just look like they want the game to end. They have been sleepwalking through this game [Crystal Palace], poor, really poor.

“United have got to find something from somewhere — you expect United to be throwing everything at it, but not even some of the young lads who came on tried to do something and take a risk and win the game.”